Theta Delta Chi International Fraternity's Forms

Educational Programming Verification Form

Theta Delta Chi believes strongly in taking a proactive approach to make our host institution campuses safe for all students.

Therefore, each academic year, each Charge is required to participate in two educational programs for its members within two of the following topics:

(a) alcohol and drug abuse
(b) sexual assault prevention and/or upstander intervention
(c) hazing prevention
(d) gender, cultural and sexual orientation awareness
(e) wellness and mental health awareness
(f) defining consent

This can include attending a program hosted by the school or local community, hosting a guest speaker at the Charge house, or even volunteering at a clinic. It is the Charge's choice how it wants to fulfill this requirement. Note: any programming required by the college or university will count towards meeting this requirement. If there are any financial impediments, the Charge is welcome to apply for a grant from the Educational Foundation.

Programs are to be completed by May 15th. The program requirement is for 2 topics, this form needs to be submitted twice by May 15th. 

It is required that at least 80% of the Charge’s active membership be in attendance for the entirety of the programs. All such programs must be a minimum of one hour in length. The Charge must complete this "Educational Programming Verification Form" as verification of the date, topic, speaker and attendance at each program. A list of attendees (i.e. a sign-in sheet) must be uploaded to this form. This form must be completed for each program hosted/attended by the Charge.

Any materials used during the programs must be distributed to absent members, who are required to review the materials with a Charge Officer. Any absent member must complete an Educational Programming Absentee Verification, this is the last section of this form. A PDF of the full Educational Programming Requirement is available with the link.


For any questions, email